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Startup Stories

Vidsy: Building the Marketplace for Video Social

Matching creatives with jobs has always been a challenge. Artists often work alone, making it extremely difficult for brands to find the talented artists that they are looking for. In turn, artists get frustrated when creating high quality work but being passed over by brands that stick with a tried and tested list of suppliers, …

Startup Stories

Financial Innovation where SA needs it most: The SmartWage story

Smartwage team

The blue-collar employment market has always had a major issue around the world. This issue is best described as liquidity. Wages are paid once a month while humans consume every day, meaning expenses accrue daily – problem. There is a mismatch in cash between a monthly inflow and daily outflow. The result is payday loans, …

Startup Stories

The DigsConnect rocket ship – where to?

I recently sat down with Alexandria of DigsConnect fame and tried to tease their future plans out of her. So stone walled was I with “we’re focusing on building the best experience for students and landlords on our platform” that the only option left to me is to speculate myself. But don’t get me wrong, …