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Yellow: Powering Africa’s future

The problem Yellow is solving

A key part of the venture investment decision is figuring out whether a problem is big enough to warrant a new company solving it. One of the reasons why investing in, or building businesses in Africa is unique is that the problems are obviously large to anyone looking, but it’s the execution that is so …

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Financial Innovation where SA needs it most: The SmartWage story

Smartwage team

The blue-collar employment market has always had a major issue around the world. This issue is best described as liquidity. Wages are paid once a month while humans consume every day, meaning expenses accrue daily – problem. There is a mismatch in cash between a monthly inflow and daily outflow. The result is payday loans, …

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The DigsConnect rocket ship – where to?

I recently sat down with Alexandria of DigsConnect fame and tried to tease their future plans out of her. So stone walled was I with “we’re focusing on building the best experience for students and landlords on our platform” that the only option left to me is to speculate myself. But don’t get me wrong, …

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Who says you can’t build a business in aviation?

Human beings have always been fascinated with the concept of flight and our ability to conquer the skies is a real triumph of human ingenuity.  But given the level of risk involved in putting people in the air, airplanes are extremely difficult to build and market without a big brand behind you. As an industry, …

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Driven to Succeed – The WeBuyCars Story

“Let me show you the picture, you’ve got to see the picture”. I walk through the office to a boardroom with a large window, and realise the picture is actually a view of the floor of the largest WeBuyCars showroom just outside Centurion. A thousand cars lined up, ranging from Porsches to Citigolfs; this is …

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The Traction Series: Mama Money and the Reduction of Remittance Costs

A lot of coverage is given to South African startups after they have been successful and what they are planning on doing going forward, but very little focus is given to the detail of the hard grind, the mistakes and the difficulties that come with the early stages of a startup. In the Traction Series, …

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Do First-world Startups Open Offices in South Africa?

Moving a startup abroad is a widely covered (and somewhat over-covered) topic in South Africa. A far less covered topic is startups from first world countries opening up in the South African market. A lot of large companies have a distributor here, but you don’t hear about many first world startups opening up a permanent …